Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association: Automation Supplier Day

The Automation Supplier Day by the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association has been the annual flagship event to encourage business matching among local and foreign companies in our semiconductor ecosystem. This year’s theme will be on “Expanding Business Opportunities with Industry 4.0“, with special focus on areas of advanced manufacturing and energy and water savings solutions. Two companies from the Silicon Saxony network will be taking active part in the event: SYSTEMA and Fabmatics from Dresden will be speaking about smart manufacturing.

This event helps end users speak on their business needs, and the general trend of the industry, at the same time allow solution providers to showcase their solutions and ultimately to promote business matching. This year, the Automation Supplier Day will be riding on a webinar platform, providing unique opportunities to showcase disruptive trends in advanced manufacturing and best practices of advanced end users of automation solutions in the electronics and semiconductor industry.

The event allows end users & suppliers to explore technology and business collaboration opportunities through innovative sharing, virtual exhibitions as well as business matching sessions throughout the 2 days. Solutions to be showcased will include solutions using artificial intelligence and big data analytics in advanced manufacturing.

Event highlights include presentations providing insights on how to leverage artificial intelligence, IoT, big data analytics and machine learning to intelligently improve manufacturing performance, and showcase supplier’s capability in terms of product and services.

In the business matching and networking sessions, companies will get the opportunity to engage and connect with each other on solutions for advanced manufacturing as well as energy and water savings, which is also a key challenge in manufacturing operations in Singapore.

All participants will get the permission to join an exclusive SSIA Linkedln group to expand your business network with automation solutions providers and end-users.

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