Short Course on Practical Microfluidics

The aim of the interdisciplinary short course is to give a practical introduction on microfluidics and the often astonishing effects that make the flow physics in many situations completely different from the macroscopic world. It further includes an overview of different manufacturing techniques and chip designs to enable the participants to design and built their own microfluidic devices for their individual purposes, e.g. in biochemistry.


•    fundamentals of microfluidics
•    micro systems technologies (MEMS, MOEMS)
•    manufacturing techniques for microfluidic devices
•    experimental characterization of micro flows using PIV, PTV and advanced three-dimensional techniques
•    microscopy methods and optics
•    image processing and image evaluation
•    data handling and statistics
•    applications of micro reaction technologies
•    applications of single- and multiphase flows, surface acoustic waves and others

OptoNet and Silicon Saxony Members receive a discount of 150 EUR.

For more information, visit the event website: www.tu-ilmenau.de

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