Oregon - a real alternative to Silicon Valley?

Information session on the US/Oregon

The northwest of the US is a promising investment location, where the international high-tech and clean-tech industry have blossomed over the years. Home to the Silicon Forrest, Oregon has attracted industry giants like Intel, Tektronix and Mentor Graphics and continues to appeal to businesses across all sizes that want to be part of the vibrant, innovative and collaborative ecosystem.

Business in Oregon Flyer

With a workforce growing at a rate that is six times higher than the national average, Oregon grants firms access to a highly skilled and educated workforce, while being a comparatively cost-effective business location on the west coast. Portland, the State of Oregon’s largest city is just a one hour flight from San Francisco and Silicon Valley and 20 minutes by air to Seattle.

This event, in cooperation with the Oregon Office of International Investment & Trade, will be an excellent opportunity for you to gather industry specific information on Oregon and make connections with businesses and state representatives of Oregon and Saxony.

The info session is aimed especially at companies that have a general interest in the US market/Oregon or plan to expand business activities to/within the US. Please feel free to share any specific questions or topics that you want to highlight during the event with Carolina Held.


January 30, 2019, 15:30 - 18:00

15:30 Introduction of Business Oregon
15:45 Market Overview Oregon (Industries, Trends, Initiatives)
16:00 Insights on High-Tech Industry Oregon
16:20 Insights on Clean-Tech Industry Oregon
16:40 Ties between Saxony and the US
17:00 Exchange of experiences, questions & Networking

If you made experiences expanding to the US you are willing to share, please let us know!

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