Minalogic Business Meetings 2019

International business meetings for digital technology stakeholders

The Minalogic Business Meetings offer one-to-one international business meetings in a move to facilitate partnerships and business opportunities between technology providers and key accounts from Europe and worldwide.

The 2018 edition, held in Lyon, was a success! This year Minalogic is bringing the event back to Grenoble in partnership with clusters Systematic, SCS, Optitec, Alpha-Rlh, and Images & Réseaux, and the clusters in the Silicon Europe alliance.

If your company is seeking technologies within Minalogic’s scope, don’t miss the chance to meet innovative businesses in the Minalogic ecosystem capable of delivering microelectronics, nanoelectronics, photonics, software, content, and application solutions to meet your needs.

If you are a technology provider and a member of Minalogic or a partner cluster, take advantage of discounted rates and request up to sixteen pre-qualified, pre-scheduled B2B meetings with potential buyers.


Grenoble and Dresden have a long lasting partnership and so have their respective hightech clusters Minalogic and Silicon Saxony: That is why members of Silicon Saxony can register for Minalogic's member price! Ask Nadja Dehne for the promocode!

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Contact Minalogic

Constance Motte
Director, Europe and International Development
+33 4 38 78 52 72

WTC Grenoble Congress Centre

5-7, place Robert Schuman - BP 1521
38025 Grenoble CEDEX 1, France

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Nadja Dehne
Silicon Saxony e. V.
Telefon geschäftlich: +49 351 89 25 804
E-Mail: nadja.dehne@silicon-saxony.de

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