Experience Day: Advanced Packaging - Dresden

Join us for a day to get a free-of-charge hands-on experience and overview of CR-8000 Advanced Packaging.

A Zuken expert will provide you with an overview / training in English language using our Zuken solution supporting Advanced SiP design and synthesize Flip Chip design with Co-design.

Content included within this workshop:

  •     New design methodology for SiP
  •     Support for wizards and parametric creation of IC’s, BGA package, and 3D wire-bond placement
  •     Seamless connection of stacking IC’s and package on package (PoP)
  •     Package-specific design rules with real-time 3D checks and view
  •     Flip Chip I/O bump optimization
  •     I/O ring synthesis capability guarantees package routability
  •     “Tile-based” die bump placement and optimization
  •     Tape-out quality automatic routing for chip RDL and package escape routing
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