Common European Data Spaces for Smart Manufacturing

Following the Data Strategy from February 2020, the Commission intends to fund the establishment of EU-wide common, interoperable data spaces in strategic sectors. Such spaces aim at overcoming legal and technical barriers to data sharing across organisations, by combining the necessary tools and infrastructures and addressing issues of trust and confidence, for example by way of common rules developed for the space.

The Commission intends to support the establishment of nine common European data spaces, including a Common European industrial (manufacturing) data space, to support the competitiveness and performance of the EU’s industry.

This workshop aims to take the design and setup of European Manufacturing data spaces a step forward by exploring how to define several industrial-grade data spaces for specific value chains in the manufacturing sector. Questions to be addressed include: What parts of the manufacturing sector should be targeted? What data is industry willing to share? What are the possibilities to use federated cloud infrastructures?  How to link with AI Testing and Experimentation Facilities?

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