Webinar: Leveraging Powerful Instruments to boost Co-Innovation with Taiwan - Biomedical and IoT as Examples


Do you know that the core chipsets of your beloved iPhone 12 Pro are from Taiwan? And your ACER or ASUS notebook is also Taiwanese? Taiwan has become an indispensable companion of our everyday life and in the global ICT innovation ecosystem.

Thanks to its excellent digital infrastructure and widespread use of ICT technologies, the pacific island has been ranked 3rd worldwide in combating COVID-19 pandemic. Innovations across biomedical industry have been implemented to respond swiftly to the pandemic.

EU is Taiwan’s biggest trading partner abroad. And among all EU member states, Germany accounts for the largest stake. To strengthen long-term partnership and boost co-innovation, this webinar will introduce 2 instruments:

  • ZIM joint call: a specific financial instrument to support innovation cooperation between German SMEs and the Taiwanese industries.
  • IisC (Iot Integrated Service Center): as a one-stop enabler for European IoT solutions providers wishing to leverage Taiwan’s ICT ecosystem for hardware optimization and economical non-recurring engineering expense.

Be one of the participants in this inspiring event and let’s get connected!

AiF Projekt GmbH (AiF)
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

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Datum / Zeit
11.05.2021 09:00 Uhr - 11:00 Uhr


Mei-Huey Chen
Western Europe Office/Industrial Technology Research Institute
Telefon: + 49 (0)162 7262049

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