From Sensors to Smart Systems

Prof. Vadim Rakhovskiy & Dr. Michael Borisov

Prof. Dr. Vadim Rakhovskiy
Dr. Michael Borisov

"Sub-Wavelength Holographic Lithography for non-planar 3D topologies"

SWHL (Sub-Wavelength Holographic Lithography) is a revolutionary photolithography technology allowing to generate multi-plane 3-D images simply not possible with traditional projection lithography, particularly useful for MEMS & sensor applications. Technology is scalable across all nodes currently used in the market and offers potential for much lower cost of ownership at smaller critical dimensions.

SWHL produces sub-wavelength CD images on multilevel planes with one exposure with one mask inherently less prone to defects and particles. Thus, SWHL drastically reducing mask-set maintenance costs as well as requires significantly fewer optical elements overall in the system.

Holographic masks may be manufactured by conventional mask manufacturing technology. The mask pattern consists of simple uniform elements of relatively large size, up to 15 times larger than elements of projection mask at the same wavelength. Thus, holographic masks appear to be much simpler and much less expensive. The holographic mask is much less sensitive to local defects and particles compared to projection masks due to basic principles of holographic imaging. Defects of 0.5 % of mask area cause negligible image degradation. Thus, holographic masks do not require regular control, maintenance and repair, and have very long lifetime.