Silicon Saxony Day

Our motto for 2019:



Highlights 2018

Keynote presentations:
Business and high-tech experts spoke about future trends and emerging technologies, their implications on industries and companies as well as about Silicon Saxony’s direct impact, presenting not only visionary ideas but existing projects.

Expert Sessions:
Experienced leaders advised on how to implement the principles of digital entrepreneurship and marketing strategies, establish a corporate culture and recruit high-skilled personnel.

Human Machine Interaction Demo Jam:
Five companies displayed their innovative technology in a 8 minutes demonstrations to a high-profile audience.

Speed Dating with Students:
Silicon Saxony brought together graduates and companies to support the high-tech industries in their recruiting efforts.

Exhibition & Exhibitor Pitch:
Our exhibitors presented their companies and newest products to our audience during the exhibitor pitch.

Silicon Saxony Day Club Night:
Together, we let the day come to a close in an informal atmosphere, using the evening once more to interconnect and to network.

Review - Silicon Saxony Day

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