Sensor technologies

Keywords: sensors, network
Duration: 01.07.2018 - 30.06.2022
Programme: funded by State of Saxony

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SenSa identifies and networks actors in Saxony in the field of sensor technologies and applications. The aim is to promote competencies, technologies and innovation of the sensor sector.

Who is it for

Actors along the sensor value chain, especially SMEs.


Become part of the project. Participate in matchmaking and networking events. Actively shape the sensor ecosystem of Saxony.

Next Dates

28.09.22: SenSa Congress (more information to follow)

More about the project

Under the title "Sensor Technology Saxony" (SenSa), seven Saxon networks with a clear research, development, production or user focus in the field of sensor technology will be working on a common goal over the next three years: to get the sensor technology solutions of the future off the ground. Saxon companies in particular are to benefit from the results achieved. They will produce and market the innovations, solutions and systems that SenSa brings to light.

Project partners

  • AMZ
  • biosaxony
  • BTS Rail Saxony
  • LRT
  • OES
  • Silicon Saxony
  • VEMASinnovativ

Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des von den Abgeordneten des Sächsischen Landtags beschlossenen Haushaltes.