ALD Lab Saxony Workshop and "ALD Fest"

ALD Lab Saxony held their bi-annual Workshop & Networking Event May 23, 2017 in Dresden.

The first part took place at Fraunhofer IKTS and presentations from recent events organized by the member's participation were given:

• Review ALD For Industry, Jonas Sundqvist and Christoph Hossbach (Picosun Germany)
• Review of Novel High-k Workshop, Uwe Schröder (NaMLab gGmbH)
• Review von Critical Materials Conference - CMC2017, Dallas 11-12 May, Jonas Sundqvist (Fraunhofer IKTS
• Feedback and Future of HERALD - The European ALD Network, Marcel Junige (IHM, TU Dresden)

Later followed presentations from two new members of the ALD Lab Dresden, Picosun Germany (by Christoph Hossbach) and IFW (by Tommi Tynell).

The workshop was ended with information on future activities and the next events like the upcoming conferences: EuroCVD-Baltic ALD in Sweden, ALD2017 in Denver, USA and the EFDS ALD For Industry 2018. Then followed a joint Networking Dinner at Hotel und Restaurant an der Rennbahn, Sponsored by Picosun Oy (Finland) and BALD Engineering AB (Sweden).

About ALD Lab Saxony
ALD Lab Saxony is a cluster of research groups working in the field of atomic layer deposition. It acts as a division of Cool Silicon Saxony e. V.: