Cool Carbon Concrete - Cool Silicon receives funding for Innovation Forum

  • Multiple layers of carbon concrete*

Cool Silicon has successfully applied for a so called "Innovation Forum", a funding instrument by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for exploring new innovation fields.

Within the upcoming 12 months, we will intensify our cooperation with the network "Carbon Concrete Composites" which recently won the "Deutscher Zukunftspreis". The project, which is called Cool Carbon Concrete, will aim at exploring precise collaboration potentials and project ideas for integrating micro- and nanoelectronics, e.g. sensors, into carbon concrete, thus enabling new functionalities. Companies or other clusters interested in this field should contact Frank Bösenberg for more details.

Frank Bösenberg / Cluster Manager Cool Silicon e. V.
+49 (0)351-89 25 800 

* Picture: Ulrich van Stipriaan / C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite e. V

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