Webinar about Taiwan by Minalogic and AEPI

A two-hour information session on the 22nd of April 2016 gathered around ten companies interested in doing business with Taiwan. Organized together with the local EEN node, Minalogic, AEPI and the International centre of the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce, the aim of this session was to present Taiwan as a good country to make business with and to introduce business practices in Taiwan.

Pascal Viaud, AEPI representative in Taiwan gave an extensive presentation of the R&I ecosystem in Taiwan and gave valuable tips on Do’s and Don’ts in business with Taiwanese. Laure Quintin from Minalogic presented the details of the European Innovation Week in order to attract some companies to the event. In the end, three companies/Start-ups/RTO, members of Minalogic participated to the European Innovation Week.