Workshop on incubation services in Saxony

  • Dr. Peter Schmiedgen (WISSENSARCHITEKTUR) explained the workshop to the audience.

As part of the project dissemination and spreading out the idea of the project C3-Saxony the first “Incubator Breakfast” was held on June 24 in Dresden. More than 30 stakeholders represented existing incubation initiatives in Saxony, research fellows in Life Sciences and ICT as well as the clusters Silicon Saxony and biosaxony, business consulting and the public sector.

The participants shared their knowledge about services, characters and do’s and don’ts of start-up incubation. The highly challenging objective was to present and jointly develop a concept of an “open cross cluster incubator” with a strong focus on personalized medicine and mobile services and discuss participation opportunities for the stakeholders involved.

The workshop started with a short presentation of the C3-Saxony project followed by a scene-setting presentation of the medical technology’s sector. Dr. André Henke, HCMC Leipzig, highlighted the chances and opportunities of this international market. Representing one of the existing initiatives Bettina Vossberg (HighTech Startbahn Dresden) focused in her presentation on typical problems of high-tech start-ups. Afterwards the four existing incubation initiatives HighTech Startbahn, Life Science Inkubator Sachsen, Dresden | exists, and Sherpa.Dresden presented their concepts in short pitches.

The informative part was followed by a workshop implemented by the WISSENSARCHITEKTUR – Laboratory for Knowledge Architecture. Each stakeholder joined a table representing the respective service field. Afterwards the participants discussed on existing or needed services in service fields like financing, networking, business consulting, work space, and products. Once again, the intensive and dynamic discussion showed the need for further events and the challenging manner of this topic. Keeping this in mind, C3-Saxony will continue the approach of an open incubator at the interface of microelectronics and life sciences and strengthen the linkages between existing services. Thereby, the focus will be kept on personalized medicine and mobile services.

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Picture: AGIL GmbH Leipzig/ Thomas Gatz