TRM project EYE EXPLORER receives funding award

The Leipzig EYE EXPLORER project is one of altogether 21 research and development projects, which are awarded by C3-Saxony for their accomplishments as innovators at the interface of information technology and life sciences at the beginning of the year. The award includes an innovation voucher in the amount of Euro 5,000.

EYE EXPLORER is a project of the TRM research group around Dr. Mike Francke, operated in close cooperation with the EFFIGOS AG and the University Eye Hospital Leipzig.

The interactive 3D computer model EYE EXPLORER creates a virtual version of the entire functional anatomy of the eye. This makes the model an excellent training tool for ophthalmic surgery which can also be used as a demonstration instrument for preoperative patient information.

The cross cluster project C3-Saxony combines the two key technology clusters Silicon Saxony (microelectronics) and biosaxony (Life sciences) for enhancing the development of interdisciplinary technologies. The Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport coordinates the EU-funded project C3-Saxony.

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