Silicon Europe Vision for 2025

The Silicon Europe cluster partners met for a two-day strategy workshop in Leuven to discuss intensively the future of Silicon Europe after implementation of the project.

The further cooperation of the Silicon Europe partners will be based on the Joint Action Plan. The detailed joint action plan is currently in preparation as well as the definition of the terms of collaboration after the end of the project, which will also define the entry point for other clusters.

During the workshop, held on February 3 and 4, 2015 vision and mission were stated for the post funded period.

Vision for 2025

  • Silicon Europe unites the leading European micro- and nanoelectronic clusters and creates transnational business and innovation opportunities between all cluster members and towards applications enabled by micro- and nanoelectronics.
  • Silicon Europe is the globally recognized brand for cutting-edge micro- and nanolelectronics in Europe.
  • Silicon Europe is the recognized voice of the SMEs in the area of micro- and nanoelectronics in Europe.




We as the Silicon Europe partner clusters are committed to actively cooperating transnationally in order to create value for our members:

  • We facilitate the transnational transfer of knowledge and technologies between the cluster members and promote available R&D results for better commercial use.
  • We help to make cutting-edge micro- and nanoelectronic competencies and technologies visible inside and outside Europe and facilitate their application into various markets.
  • We encourage and support SMEs to participate in European projects and to access other sources of public and private financing.
  • We explore and promote international market opportunities and enable international matchmaking, both within and outside Europe.
  • We use the Silicon Europe brand to promote European micro- and nanoelectronic competencies and its importance inside and outside Europe and provide a central contact point for potential partners and investors.

The next work package meeting and Steering Committee meeting are scheduled for April 27, 2015.