C3 IDEA DAY - Second Innovation Forum of the C3-Saxony project

On 10 November 2014, the second innovation forum of the Cross Cluster Cooperation project "C3-Saxony" was carried out. Titled C3 IDEA DAY, it was conceived as a follow-up of the first innovation forum, IDEA LOUNGE, held at the Silicon Saxony Day in summer earlier this year.

During the C3 IDEA DAY projects were presented and new ideas generated which might also be supported within the scheme of the C3-Saxony. The goal was to collect – in addition to the ideas handed in for the innovation competition – further promising concepts and projects  at the crossroad of life sciences and microelectronics, the competence fields of the involved technology clusters biosaxony and Silicon Saxony.  

Prior to the C3 IDEA DAY, a second Idea Call was issued, resulting in more than 30 additional entries – a remarkable success which surpassed by far the expected response. Subsequently, the applicants were invited to present their concepts at the C3 IDEA DAY, thus qualifying themselves for the competition for innovation vouchers.

Venue of the innovation forum was the Biocity Leipzig, the local science and technology hub for enterprises and researchers in the field life sciences in the region. Here, the team of the Knowledge Architecture Lab of TU Dresden set-up  an intense one-day workshop, composed of a poster show of previously presented projects, short presentations of the newly entered applicants, and finally a workshop to create new project ideas right on the spot of the workshop with the participants.

The latter, despite being an ambitious undertaking, eventually lead to a handful of new project sketches that were handed in to the competition, leading to a total of almost 50 project sketches competing for the C3 innovation vouchers. Besides this satisfying quantitative result, the workshop developed a genuinely cooperative and creative atmosphere, bringing the scientists and technologist of the different tracks and fields of activity closely together, thus creating a fertile ground for further cooperation and joint innovation.