The Free State of Saxony wants to connect future industries with the project “C3-Saxony”

"C3-Saxony” shall connect and sustainably support actors of the industries of ICT and biotechnology, especially small and medium sized enterprises in R&D projects. The project aims to generate 25 project ideas at the borderline of microelectronics and biotechnology. C3-Saxony is co-funded by the European Union with an amount of EUR 700,000.

The project consortium consists of the Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport as lead partner, Silicon Saxony e.V., biosaxony e.V. as well as the Junior Professorship for Knowledge Architecture (TU Dresden) and the Agil GmbH Leipzig (coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network Saxony). The consortium took part in a call of the European Commission that supports the generation of new industries by clusters and enterprises.

“I welcome the signing of the grant agreement. It confirms the approach of the Free State of Saxony to enhance the cooperation across all industries and technologies that is formulated in our innovation strategy”, Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport Sven Morlok said. C3-Saxony enables to prove practically the cross innovation approach followed by the Free State of Saxony. “We have the opportunity that two future industries create completely new products and value chains through their cooperation and thus enhance the position of Saxony as one of the most innovative regions in Europe”, Morlok said. “Also, I expect that the project will generate concrete ideas for pilot lines in the Saxon economy using key enabling technologies.” Saxony is also a leader in key enabling technologies.

Innovation strategy