Cross-over membership of Silicon Saxony and biosaxony emphasizes strong cooperation within the common project “C3-Saxony”

  • André Hofmann (biosaxony e.V.) and Gitta Haupold (Silicon Saxony e.V.) presenting their certificates of membership

On July 14, Silicon Saxony and biosaxony registered their cross-over membership in the context of the workshop “Cluster strategies for Saxony: European cooperation creating synergies”. The certificates of membership were presented by the two CEOs, Gitta Haupold from Silicon Saxony and André Hofmann from biosaxony.

Both associations, the Agil GmbH Leipzig and the Junior Professorship for Knowledge Architecture form the consortium of the EU-funded project “C3-Saxony” under direction of the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport. The project “C3-Saxony” shall generate new pulses and projects at the borderline of biotechnology and microelectronics, with focus on mobile services and personalized medicine.

“C3-Saxony” uses results of the EU-funded project “CluStrat” which have developed strategic recommendations and pilot actions in the areas of Active Ageing, Sustainable Development/Green Economy and Technology and Knowledge Transfer. These recommendations shall be realized as concrete measures in the project C3-Saxony.
The aspect of “cross innovation” is the central idea of both projects: Today, successful innovation emerge at the borderline of branches and fields of application. C3-Saxony as well as CluStrat address this topic and tie up to one another. This approach is also part of the Innovation strategy of the Land of Saxony. Clusters and networks are responsible to implement this approach actively.

During Silicon Saxony Day on July 3, first projects were already presented at the C3 idea lounge. During the project, 25 project ideas of the cross-sectional technologies can be supported by for instance consulting in the fields of intellectual property and marketing and business plans.  The cross-over membership of Silicon Saxony and biosaxony was initiated by the project C3-Saxony and shall be intensified during and beyond this project. The objective is a closer cooperation and a strengthening of the fields of biotechnology and microelectronics in Saxony and Europe as well as the generation of new pulses in the cross cluster area.  

Silicon Saxony

Picture: Saxony Economic Development Cooperation