Presentation of 10 Innosmart projects related with emerging sectors in Madrid

Yesterday, in the event ‘IV Encuentro En Red’, ten InnoSmart projects related with emerging sectors were presented in Círculo Bellas Artes, in Madrid. These projects are looking for partners and collaborators.

The event started with several conferences about intersectoral application technologies and emerging sectors. First, José Antonio Blanco, coordinator of experts in Innomart, talked about emerging sectors in Europe and aspects like concentration process, specialization and trends.

After, Ramón de Luís Serrano gave a conference about mentoring, and how a mentor can help to start-ups to transform and consolidate their business. Carlos Fernández de la Peña talked about a success story in transfer of technology in aerospace industry. Specifically, about the company Elecnor Deimos.

The ten projects of InnoSmart were

  • Gnanomat, related with Eco Industries
  • Gammera Nest, company that developes educational software;
  • SimCosmetic, focused on the development of novel dermocosmetics based on natural products;
  • leARn, platform designed to revolutionize preventive manteniance;
  • Soticol, a company about Mobility Industries;
  • REX, about Mobile services;
  • NiCO, smartphone-based corneal topographer;
  • Erium, physiological sensor for human-computer interaction;
  • ADN – aplicaciones de Tecnología, company about Advanced Packaging;
  • Scolio, the lasted creative innovation in medical devices; and
  • Autocomm, that developes modular wireless node for automotive enviroments.

Workshop for defining and exploring the business idea of InnoSmart projects
After, we did a creative workshop for InnoSmart projects where they could explore and define their business ideas. The main activity was that InnoSmart projects used LEGO Serious Play (LSP) for defining their business ideas. They explained their projects and looked for synergies with other companies.

The workshop consisted of talking about the business ideas, sharing experiences, discussing how to change business approaches and generating new ideas for projects.