Health2CARE is searching for consultancy firms on healthcare and funding: Deadline December 20th!

The French cross-cluster project Health2CARE searches for European consultancy firms for two specific market studies related to the health sector and personalized medicine. Applications can be sent until December 20th.

The Health2CARE project is a two-year initiative (2014 – 2015), co-funded by the CIP program (Competitiveness & Innovation) of the European Commission (DG Enterprise) coordinated by the Rhône-Alpes Region. The project aims to gather different technological and applied sectors in Rhône-Alpes as biotechnologies, medical devices, plastics, nanotechnologies, software, to investigate new value chains by an open innovative approach. To foster the emergence and the growth of innovative solutions, two Calls for Expression of interests will be launched between 2014 and 2015. The most promising applications will receive “Innovation vouchers” in order to benefit from support services of European consultants.

Apart from this support, project owners will also have access to specific studies on the challenges linked to personalized medicine. Two separate studies will give a general overview of the following topics:

  1. Select 3 to 4 European countries (Germany, France, UK, Denmark) representative of different approaches to the personalized medicine challenges and get knowledge of the specificities of the healthcare sector (on business and policy approach) within the chosen countries (regulatory requirements, market access, local reimbursement policies, local healthcare system organisation, health practices in different selected countries, recycling of devices, e-health business models…)
  2. Identify relevant sources of funding and capital investment for SMEs working on technologies related to health (biotech, medtech, nanotech etc…)

Those specific studies will be driven by different experts and answer the needs of the companies involved in the Health2CARE initiative. The needs of the healthcare / personalized medicine companies interviewed are listed below by category.

More information and contact details available here