C3-Saxony awards innovation vouchers to 21 SMEs and research institutions

  • The founding team of ProNT received a 5,000 EUR voucher for the project "Production of Carbon NanoTubes" from Ramona Landgraf (Silicon Saxony)
  • Daniel Klaue, member of ZellMechanik Dresden, was awarded by André Hofmann (CEO of biosaxony)
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Kabitzsch, Professor of Technical Information Systems at TU Dresden, also got a 5,000EUR voucher for his project "AAL-Integration"

During the next weeks, 21 Saxon SMEs and research institutions will get innovation vouchers of EUR 5,000 funded by the EU project C3-Saxony. The project connects stakeholders of the key enabling technologies micro- and nanoelectronics and biotechnology to support cross-sector innovation.

"Innovation is the driving force for economic growth. The vouchers support innovation across sectors and technologies. Thereby, one of the most essential elements of the Innovation Strategy of the Free State of Saxony is being implemented. Furthermore, the two key enabling technologies - in which Saxony has an outstanding position within the European Union – will be strengthened", Martin Dulig - Saxon State Minister of Economic Affairs, Employment and Transport - explains.  

During the last six months, C3-Saxony has launched three idea calls. SMEs and research institutions with projects combining ICT and biotechnology submitted their ideas. Now, representatives of the project consortium Silicon Saxony, biosaxony, Junior professorship of Knowledge Architecture (TU Dresden), the innovation support agency AGIL GmbH Leipzig and the coordinator of C3-Saxony - the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport - have selected the most promising projects. The projects were selected by the following criteria: level of innovation, tackling societal challenges, realizability in a given time-frame and cross-innovation approach. The voucher recipients are automatically qualified to participate at the "Sonderpreis Emerging Industries" which will be awarded in July 2015 during the Saxon State Prize for Innovation.

Further information on the State Price here (German).

Sources: ProNT, Silicon Saxony, TU Dresden/ Faculty of Computer Science