New faces at Silicon Saxony Management

  • The board of Silicon Saxony thanked Thomas Reppe (left) for his work. (Isabel Dietrich / Silicon Saxony e.V.)

Thomas Reppe, Silicon Europe Project Coordinator and Managing Director at Silicon Saxony Management GmbH, passes on the baton to his successors.

After five years of successful work in Silicon Saxony Thomas Reppe will hand over the business to his successors as planned. At January 1, 2014 his function as Cluster Coordinator of the European cluster alliance Silicon Europe will be taken on by Frank Boesenberg. Being a member of the Saxon coordination team Boesenberg has been closely involved with Silicon Europe from the beginning. The CEO of Eurogrant GmbH has been responsible for the administrative project management of the cluster initiative. Furthermore, he brings extensive key cross-industry experience to the table, for example the successful acquisition of external funds in national and EU-funded projects.

The top management of Silicon Saxony Management GmbH will be completed by Michael Kaiser. As a former Competence Field Manager for Microelectronics/Information and Communications Technology at the Economic Development Office at the City of Dresden, Kaiser has known the Saxon hightech region and its players for years. Recently, he significantly contributed to the fact that the industry association Silicon Saxony and the region synchronised their activities. In Silicon Europe, Michael Kaiser will be taking on the tasks of Gerhard Kessler who asked for the release from his engagement for heath reasons.

Silicon Saxony board member Heinz Martin Esser thanked Thomas Reppe: “Thomas Reppe has done an excellent job for the business and industry location Silicon Saxony. He significantly contributed to the internationalisation of the hightech site Saxony and it is largely thanks to him, that the whole European microelectronics industry is strenghtened by the cluster alliance Silicon Europe. We are happy that he will still be a vital part of our network contributing his expertise and experience.” Thomas Reppe is looking back at the last five challenging years happily: “It all started with the Saxon Leading-Edge Cluster Cool Silicon, which has been a great experience for me. The Leading-Edge Cluster significantly strengthened the interdisciplinary cooperation in Saxony and proved the importance of the micro- and nanoelectronics industry not only for its contribution for the increase of energy efficiency in modern ICT. Furthermore, Cool Silicon is the base for Silicon Europe. Today, we use this strong platform to make the interests of the whole European microelectronics industry heard in Brussels – a success the whole Sililicon Saxony e.V. team can be very proud of. I wish my successors all the best for their future work.”