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Workshops for reviewing the strategy for electronics value chains in EU

The European Commission through DG CONNECT is engaged into a process of revising its strategy on electronics.nTo accompany this process, a series of workshops are organised on electronic value chains to explore the existing needs and hurdles faced by companies in Europe.nElectronic components and systems more and more form an essential part of the innovation process in industry and products. To ensure Europe fosters and creates the right conditions to rip the fruits of digitisation, we would like to invite participants from the industry to exchange on the related topics.

The workshops intend to discuss issues beyond the semiconductor supply in Europe and address the full value chains with strong reliance on electronics. Among the dimensions we would like to address are: the importance of electronic components and systems in innovation and differentiation, access to design and manufacturing, security of supply, and proximity to the related clusters in Europe. An essential objective is to develop the right policies to increase the resilience of electronic value chains in Europe.

The intended workshops are organised as follows, in Brussels (10:00-16:00 CET):

  • Health, well-being and medical technologies, 7 March
  • Robotics, automation and autonomous systems (industry 4.0 and beyond), 8 March
  • Energy management, including electrification of cars and smart grids, 22 March
  • Automotive focussing on connected and autonomous driving, 11 April
  • Artificial intelligence, low-power computing and acceleration, 18 April
  • Essential technologies for aerospace, defence and cybersecurity, 19 April


Link Online surveys for those who want to get involved but can not be there.

The workshops will focus on exchanging on the needs and hurdles faced by participants' organisations related to their electronic value chain:

  • 1.       How instrumental are electronic components and systems to your organisation's innovation process?
  • 2.       Does your organisation have easy access to the needed electronic components and systems or does it face supply security issues?
  • 3.       Does your organisation design its electronic components and systems, and is it easy or difficult to access to manufacturing those?
  • 4.       How important is it for your organisation to have proximity with the design and/or manufacturing of the components which constitute the core of your innovation or differentiation?
  • 5.       What could be done in Europe or at the European level to improve the electronic value chain in your sector?

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