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Smart Energy App


KiwiOS X – the easiest way of building an valuable energy app

Build an app that clearly displays historical and current energy data from PV system, storage and charging station in a responsive UI and use the data from these 3 data sources to enable a use case that provides tangible value to the energy consumer.


„There are no limits to ideas“ – in the above-mentioned framework of the Challenge, solution demonstrators are developed from the combination of hardware, connectivity and software.

We guarantee technical and methodological support throughout the entire event period. Access to technology experts (APIs, data, protocols), challenge owners (technical know-how, use case) and support by coaches is ensured.


After the results have been evaluated by a jury of experts, prizes will be awarded to the best solutions

The total prize money of 2,000€ will be donated to a charitable organization. The winning teams will nominate the charity:

  • 1st place – 1000€
  • 2nd place – 600€
  • 3rd place – 400€


You can apply as a team or individually. The teams consist of a maximum of 5 people. We are looking for participants with ideas and energy, with attention to detail and fun in teamwork.

Software developers (cloud, frontend, app), SW architects, usability experts, creative designers, concept and method thinkers will find the perfect environment for 3 days of joint work.

Website for more information.

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