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Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor & Actuator Symposium 2021

Science and Industry together in one place…

This year's SAW Symposium is organized as a HYBRID conference! Live in Dresden. Followed from all over the world.

Taking place on October 14-15, 2021, at Bilderberg Bellevue Hotel Dresden, this symposium brings together experts from science and industry  in the emerging fields of SAW sensors and SAW actuators. Additional inside in real applications will be provided by the accompanying industrial exhibition.

This year's symposium will again build bridges between new scientific findings on the one hand and the requirements of industrial applications and professional laboratories on the other. Therefore, the symposium program includes both the latest research results from the academic world and application-related contributions from industrial end users.

With 4 keynotes by distinguished experts from industry and academia among 34 contributions, SAW Symposium provides you the latest news on SAW sensors and SAW actuator-based developments and applications in the field comprizing:

  • Concepts, designs and materials for SAW sensors & SAW actuators
  • SAW sensors for physical, chemical or biological applications
  • SAW gas sensors
  • SAW sensors for harsh environment
  • SAW sensors for condition monitoring
  • Industrial deployments of SAW sensors
  • SAW/RFID applications
  • Novel concepts for peripheral components (antenna, readers, packaging, ..)
  • SAW-based microfluidics
  • SAW-driven atomizer

You have two options to take part in the success story of advanced SAW-based applications:

Attend on-site in Dresden and meet all experts in person!
This online attendance shall especially support participation for all those colleagues who are not able participate in person due to the Covid19 situation in their country or because of travel restrictions. Virtual participation is realised by premium online conference platform 'Hopin' and comprises real-time access to all presentations including talks and posters as well as to industrial exhibition. Moreover, virtual breakout rooms will be available, allowing private discussions between two and more participants, no matter if they are on-site or on-line.


Registration Form: Payment by bank transfer
Registration Form: Payment by credit card or paypal (Attention: plus handling fee from eventbrite)

 Note due to the current situation:

The organizing team of the SAW Sensor & Actuator Symposium 2021 in Dresden is continuously monitoring the developments around the COVID 19 pandemic and acts in accordance with the guidelines of the German Federal Government as well as Saxony's state and local authorities. The live event will be held in strict compliance with the regulations in force in October. All hygiene and distance measures will of course be observed and supported by the organizer with provided protection and sanitary products.

Should the SAW Symposium not be able to take place this year, all amounts already paid for participation, exhibition and sponsoring will of course be refunded without any problems.




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