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Spotlight - Mitutoyo Custom Metrology Solutions for The Semiconductor Industry

Mitutoyo is one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision measuring equipment. Mitutoyo offers a very large range of metrology products from micrometers, calipers and dial gauges to hardness testers, contour measuring machines, vision measuring systems and 3D coordinate measuring machines. Measuring accuracy is the lifeline of manufacturing and Mitutoyo is capable of providing 1-nanometer accuracy. The clear and uncompromising goal to provide the best quality product and value available anywhere has driven Mitutoyo to become the premier supplier of metrology equipment in the world.

Mitutoyo Research & Development America (MRDA) develops new metrology products and custom solutions for use in production and quality control for chip makers, semiconductor equipment manufacturers, automotive suppliers, medical device manufacturers, and academic institutions.


  • Mr. Wolfgang Zeller | Managing Director at Mitutoyo Deutschland GmbH
  • Mr. Vahan Senekerimyan | Director, Technology Solutions at Mitutoyo Research & Development America
  • Mr. Lucas Redlarski |  General Manager at Mitutoyo Research Center Europe


  • Introducing Mitutoyo – premier supplier of metrology equipment
  • What are custom solutions?
  • New turnkey solutions and customized products:    
    a. TAGLENS – varifocal lens, capable of varying a focal position at 70kHz or faster
    b. AI Inspect – artificial intelligence defect detection for achieving 100% defect-free products
    c. WLI-U – (White Light Interferometer – Unit) benchmark technology with ultra-long working distance for high-resolution topographies in the field of nanometers
  • Custom metrology or inspection solution examples
    a. Addressing the challenge of high measurement accuracy versus high throughput
    b. High-speed measurements and defect detection
  • Upcoming on-site visits in Europe – March 2023


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