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PRiME 2020 (ECS, ECSJ, & KECS Joint Meeting)

The Electrochemical Society (ECS) conference is an international event running every spring and fall, and gathering 2000-4000 participants and 30-40 exhibitors both from academia and industry. The conference has a strong focus on emerging technology and applications in both electrochemistry and solid-state science & technology.
This fall the event will be held as PRiME 2020 Meeting being the joint International meetings of the 238th ECS (Electrochemical Society) and the ECS Japan and Korean ECS Meetings on Oct. 4-9, 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii (USA).
The full program can be found on www.electrochem.org/prime2020
The organizers of symposium G02 on “Atomic Layer Deposition Applications, 16” encourage you to submit your abstracts on the following (and closely related) topics:

  • 1.   Semiconductor CMOS applications: development and integration of ALD high-k oxides and metal electrodes with conventional and high-mobility channel materials;
  • 2.   Volatile and non-volatile memory applications: extendibility, Flash, MIM, MIS, RF capacitors, etc.;
  • 3.   Interconnects and contacts: integration of ALD films with Cu and low-k materials;
  • 4.   Fundamentals of ALD processing: reaction mechanisms, in-situ measurement, modeling, theory;
  • 5.   New precursors and delivery systems;
  • 6.   Optical and photonic applications;
  • 7.   Coating of nanoporous materials by ALD;
  • 8.   MLD and hybrid ALD/MLD;
  • 9.   ALD for energy conversion applications such as fuel cells, photovoltaics, etc.;
  • 10. ALD for energy storage applications;
  • 11. Productivity enhancement, scale-up and commercialization of ALD equipment and processes for rigid and flexible substrates, including roll-to-roll deposition;
  • 12. Area-selective ALD;
  • 13. Atomic Layer Etching (‘reverse ALD’) and related topics aiming at self-limited etching, such as atomic layer cleaning, etc.

Meeting abstracts should be submitted not later than the deadline of May 1, 2020 via the ECS website.
A tentative list of invited speakers includes:

•  Area-selective ALD processes for dielectrics, Sumit Agarwal, Colorado School of Mines, USA
•  Reactions on metal surface and diketone induced by gas cluster ions during Atomic Layer Etching, Noriaki Toyoda, Hyogo University, Japan
•  Molecular Layer Etching, Jeffrey Elam, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
•  Ga2O3 phase control and heterojunctions using PE-ALEpitaxy, Virginia Wheeler, US Naval Research Labs, USA
•  ALD for battery technologies, Arrelaine Dameron, Forge Nano, USA
•  ALD materials for solar fuels, Paul McIntyre, Stanford University, USA
•  Investigations into molecular layer deposition of conjugated amine polymers, Matthias Young, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, USA
•  Functional Metal Oxides in Perovskite Solar Cells, Yu Duan, Jilin University, Changchun, China
•  In-situ and combinatorial techniques for spatial ALD, Kevin Musselman, University of Waterloo, Canada
•  Benefits of Spatial ALD compared to batch and single-wafer ALD methods, David Omeara, TEL Technology Center, America, USA
•  Surface thermolysis of ALD precursors and its implications for deposition, Xinwei Wang, Peking University, China
•  Recent developments in Materials characterization for the CMOS industry, Paul van der Heide, Imec, Belgium
•  MLD of metal-organic thin films with tuneable conductance for neuromorphic computing applications, Mikko Nisula, University of Ghent, Belgium
•  ALD of Phase Change and Threshold Switching Materials for Next-Generation Nonvolatile Memory Devices, Karl A. Littau, Intermolecular-EMD Group, USA
•  Coatings of (TiO2) Nanotube Layers, Jan Macak, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
•  Recent development of various In-precursors and InOx related oxide semiconductor TFTs via ALD, Jin-Seong Park, Han Yang University, Korea

Hawaii Convention Center

1801 Kalakaua Ave
HI 96815 Honolulu

Datum / Zeit
04.10.2020 - 09.10.2020


Prof. Dr. Fred Roozeboom
Eindhoven University of Technology TU/e
Telefon: +31 40 2474-880

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