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Optimising Additive Manufacturing Technologies Using Thermography

Additive manufacturing has become a standard technology already. But with the demand for increasing resistance of the manufactured parts and the focus on metals, there are still some challenges additive manufacturing faces. Thermography as contactless measuring solution contributes to meet them.

Join the following online event and learn more about the solutions from InfraTec for thermography in additive manufacturing of highly demanding parts.

On top our guest speaker Dr. rer. nat. Simon Altenburg from Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung und -forschung (BAM), Division Thermographic Methods, will provide valuable input based on his vast experience improving additive manufacturing technologies. BAM is the German materials‘ testing institute.

A Glimpse into the Online Event

  • Additive manufacturing: definition, benefits, types, presence and future
  • Fields of application for thermography in additive manufacturing
  • Challenges in additive manufacturing of metals
  • Use of thermography to improve manufacturing technologies
  • Technical requirements for IR cameras in additive manufacturing
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cooled and uncooled camera systems
  • Accessories (hardware and software) needed to solve the measurement task

Process Optimisation and Quality Control

With non-contact temperature measurements, the energy input in the manufacturing process can be well determined. That allows a comprehensive understanding of the processes and as a result better part quality in relation to density, porosity and deformation as well as higher process speeds. Additionally, thermography can also be used for non-destructive testing in the postprocessing quality control of manufactured parts.


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