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Life with Wearables in Smart Rooms

With the advent of standard sensor-actuator platforms for wearable devices, such smart watches (e.g., Apple Watch), smartglasses (e.g., Microsoft Hololens), smart clothing (e.g., data gloves), exoskeletons, and many more, people carry multiple devices simultaneously. This trend imposes completely new challenges to software engineers w.r.t. adaptivity, distribution, interaction, system integration, data handling, resiliency, security and software architectures.

Submission deadline: January 28, 2018

Software engineering helps to design and develop complex systems by automating the development process concentrating on different levels of abstraction. Model-driven techniques must be established to improve the quality (e.g., re-usability, reliability, maintainability) of the developed wearable systems. Because hardware and software interact tightly , new skills and processes are required when designing and implementing solutions based on wearable devices. In addition, the integration of wearable devices with other smart devices installed in the environment (e.g., sensors in a room) requires that the system architecture is highly dynamic. Therefore, there is a need for a new paradigm of software and system development for wearables in smart rooms, based on sensor nets, fog, and edge computing. This trend suggests establishing a new joint community of researchers from sensor nets and software engineering.

The LifeWear workshop aims to bring together researchers and

practioneers from the communities interested in wearables, to present

current approaches w.r.t. software engineering of wearable devices,

gather requirements for future wearable systems and develop a roadmap

for software enginnering for wearables.

This includes the following research areas:

  • Model-driven software development for wearable systems
  • Innovative interaction approaches of humans with wearables
  • Interactions of wearables with machines (e.g., robots)
  • End-user application development
  • Embedding of wearables into a fog or edge of a smart room
  • Sensor data analytics and data aggregation
  • Technical approaches to ensure data security and privacy
  • Total cost of ownership of wearable systems

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12.04.2018 Lifewear 2018
09:00 - 15:00: Life with Wearables in Smart Rooms

Hilton Hotel Dresden

An der Frauenkirche 5
01067 Dresden

Hilton Hotel Dresden

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