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Invitation to Korea-Germany Core Technology Business meeting & Investment IR

On behalf of KITIA(Korea Core Technology Investment Association), we are pleased to invite you to the Korea-Germany Core Technology Business cooperation meeting & Investment IR meeting in Dresden, Germany.

It will be held on October 23th, 2019, at the Steigenberger Hotel Dresden Banquet Hall for Business cooperation meeting and investment IR between Korean and German companies.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE) participates on behalf of the Korean government and this event will be a good opportunity for the participation of outstanding companies from Germany and Korea to create new business growth engines.

Contact from the host: Germany & Korea

Ms. Hee-Ra Chung
Tel: +49 (0)201 8090 6467
Email: chung@ddskoreaconsulting.de Mobile: +49 (0)170 70 98 573

Mr. Harold Hong
Tel: +82 (2)561 6698
Email: zetabiz@zetaplan.com Fax: +82 (2)6008 4779

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