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Investor Pitch Training

How to pitch in front of investors and convince them?

Ensuring that you have adequate resources to fund your startup is one of the key responsibilities of any founder. Raising venture capital is the typical route for any foudner serious about scaling their business. But in general venture capitalists receive thousands of pitchdecks every year and see hunders of pitches. To ensure your pitch stands out you need to invest time and thought into creating a well-balanced pitchdeck, make sure you are telling an interesting story and work on pitching convincingly. In this workshop each team will pitch in front of all other teams and receive feedback on their pitch. In preparation you will receive two digital lectures by Dr. Eric Weber, CEO and founder of SpinLab, on financing basics for startups and the right mix of content for your pitch deck. The workshop itself will be hosted by Matthew McDermott, Innovation & Business Development Manager at SpinLab, who has reviewed 1000+ pitchdecks before and knows exactly what venture capitalists expect.

Registration until 28.05.2020


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