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GREEN-CIS Tech-Talks

Sustainable Cloud infrastructures, Cloud services and Cloud use cases

Tech-Talk #2

What topics to expect in the Tech-Talks?

  • Concepts, technologies or prototypical implementations that improve the sustainability of cloud infrastructures and services
  • Concepts or technologies to achieve interoperability, security, scalability and openness of cloud services in Multi-Cloud settings
  • Initial implementation and prototypes of the concepts that are being jointly developed in communities such as Gaia-X
  • Use cases that rely on Cloud services and determine the requirements that the next generation Cloud technologies must fulfill


Pierre Gronlier, CTO | Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL - „Gaia X Compliance and Labels“

As Gaia-X aims to provide a higher and unprecedented level of trust in digital platforms, we need to consider the need to make this trust easy to understand and adopt. For this reason, Gaia-X developed a Compliance and Labelling technological Framework that automate all the tests and verifications needed to give a service a specific Label.
Gaia X CTO Pierre Gronlier will walk you through the difference between Compliance and Label, and how Gaia-X labels have been defined to identify what ‘safe’ or ‘secure’ or ‘trusted’ can mean in a specific regulated market.
Marco Vogel, Business Development Manager | N+P Informationssysteme - „Digital Twin Use Case”

The digital twin is a very diverse term. In this presentation, we will show what we mean by a digital twin. We will go into 4 possible areas of application and show the challenges and added values on the basis of these.

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