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apc|m Conference 2018

The European Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing (apc|m) Conference is directed to manufacturers, suppliers and scientific community of semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED, flat panel, MEMS, and other related industries. The topics are focused on current challenges and future needs of Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing Effectiveness.

The conference takes place at centers of the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry in Europe annually.

The conference program is organized with presentations/talks and poster sessions in parallel. Additionally, several half-day technical tutorials will be offered to you. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to promote company’s products. Usergroup Meetings are an easy way to meet your customers. The schedule of events will provide plenty of time to get in contact with your colleagues, customers and suppliers.

The conference is organized by Silicon Saxony, a member of European Semiconductor Networks, and hosted locally. The conference is self-financed by fees and sponsoring.

Conference registration is now open!


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apc|m Conference



16.04.2018 Monday
08:00 - 18:00: apc|m Conference 2018

17.04.2018 Tuesday
08:00 - 18:00: apc|m Conference 2018

18.04.2018 Wednesday
08:00 - 13:00: apc|m Conference 2018

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