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alienS – school for advanced materials characterization

School overview

Internationally acknowledged European research centers will host complementary lectures for 5 days providing a comprehensive overview of techniques for material characterization. The school will offer a unique view of the characterization landscape in Europe, with particular attention to the energy, health and information technology application fields.

Groups are limited to 12 students on each location.  

More information

Audience targeted by the school

Professionals, engineers, researchers from industry, facing material characterization issues

Entry requirements
No specific requirements

Competences covered

  •     Acquire a general overview of nanoscale characterization
  •     techniques and related roadmap
  •     Focus on methodology for the study of surfaces, interfaces,
  •     nanomaterials and nanostructures
  •     Describe the potential and limitations of the various
  •     techniques
  •     Practicals based on the general overview and on the topics
  •     focus through case studies



Main outcomes of the school
Theoretical lectures will be paired to practical works on real case studies that will highlight the capabilities and complementarities of the characterization techniques. The lectures will be given and broadcast from two sites renowned for their characterization expertise and their start-of-the-art facilities.

The course covers:

3 general characterization topics:

  • Chemical and morphological properties
  • Electrical and morphological properties
  • Structural and morphological properties

3 methodology axes:

  • Surface analysis
  • 3D Characterization
  • Characterization by Large Scale Facilities

In Short
Date: 04.06.18 - 08.06.18

Location: INSTN/CEA-Grenoble, France & Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden, Germany

Full rate: 1850 € (travel & accomodation not included)

Registration deadline:
May 30th 2018

DRESDEN CONTACT: andre.clausner@ikts.fraunhofer.de
GRENOBLE CONTACT: chantal.tardif@cea.fr

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