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26th Fab Management Forum

Presentations for Industry meets Academia

Call for Abstracts for Academia Poster Session:

You are now invited to submit your abstract for the 2022 FMF until Friday June 17.

The Session “Industry meets Academia” will give the opportunity to graduates and newcomers to present their research and early-stage products to fab managers. With this session, we want to bring to the spotlight new talent interested in our industry and provide them with insights for a successful career launch in the semiconductor industry.

SEMI want to hear from:

  • Ph.D. and MSc students and their professors
  • Postgraduate researchers
  • Researchers working in academic and research institutes
  • Professors working on new concepts
  • Early start-ups spinoffs

Topics of interest:

  • Status of AI in microelectronics manufacturing - Advancements in dispatching, scheduling, simulation and manufacturing by capitalizing on big data and automation
  • Datification of the fab - Advanced analytics and digital twins for faster and more precise decision making

SEMI particularly interested in solutions for:

  • Equipment Control
  • Substitute controllers
  • Modified tools / Tool Upgrades
  • Automation solutions
  • Sensor solutions
  • Hardware solutions e.g. 3D
  • Smart tools – digitized
  • Extending life of tools
  • Advanced Data Analysis (for prediction or prevention)

How to participate:

  • Please submit your abstract, biography and a photo through our link by Friday, June 17, 2022.
  • Select your solution / method to showcase how your solution / method impacts semiconductors fab manufacturing and organizations.
  • Selected authors will be notified in July 2022.
  • Each finalist will have up to ten minutes to present their product on stage, followed by a networking poster session.

Selected presenters will receive:

  • One complimentary pass to the Fab Management Forum and SEMICON Europa 2022
  • For students, an additional pass will be given to their professor
  • 5-10 minutes presentation slot to pitch the audience
  • Space for your poster to be displayed at the exhibition area of the Forum and take advantage of onsite networking with senior professionals. Guidelines for the poster will be given to selected presenters.


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