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Almatec®, a leading pump brand is part of PSG®, a Dover company
Almatec®, a leading pump brand is part of PSG®, a Dover company
The semiconductor production process is extremely demanding on pumps, especially in terms of purity requirements, chemical resistance, high fluid temperatures and material specifications. To help meet the unique application requirements of the industry, Almatec® developed its FUTUR Series air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps. Designed to supply, circulate and filter high-purity chemicals as well as pump abrasive slurries and solvents, the FUTUR Series can handle extremely high temperatures and chemicals such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen peroxide.

Futur Series
Futur Series
Ideally suited for semiconductor applications involving acids or caustics, FUTUR Series models are engineered to resist abrasion and support reliable, safe performance. Along with their entirely plastic construction and high tolerances, FUTUR Series pumps are self-priming and dry run capable. In eliminating the use of metal in the pump’s design, operators can prevent fluid contamination from metal ions. To keep operations user-friendly and promote longevity, the pump has a compact, simple design with few parts and a one-piece PTFE diaphragm. Each model can also be readily controlled via the air volume.

Waste Water Treatment With Futur Pumps
Waste Water Treatment With Futur Pumps
With straight-through flow pattern technology, the FUTUR Series AODD pump is ideal for the requirements of semiconductor applications. The use of contactless cascade sealing, and the elimination of fastening elements, also minimizes the generation of particles. Each of its specially designed features help operators overcome many challenges inherent to the production of semiconductors.

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