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htt high tech trade GmbH

htt high tech trade GmbH

  • Equipment
  • Halbleiterindustrie
  • Medizintechnik / Pharma
  • Luft- und Raumfahrt
  • Zulieferung: Equipment
  • Probe Cards
  • Production-, Laboatory and Test Equipment in the Semiconductor Industry
  • Test, Qualifikation, Fehleranalyse
  • Temperature Testing
  • Wafer ID Reading

WID120 Wafer ID Reader
WID120 Wafer ID Reader
IOSS offers intelligent optical sensors & systems and focuses on developing innovative Datamatrix, OCR and Barcode Readers.

WID120 Wafer ID Reader - The new benchmark in wafer ID reading

New Benchmarks:
  • Revolutionary integrated RGB illumination
  • Fully automatic exposure control
  • Code shift compensation
  • High and fast reading rates
  • Intelligent configurations handling
  • Precise fine tuning
  • Additional external RGB light source
  • OCR, Barcode, DataMatrix and QR code
  • Easy graphical user interface, w/ teach-in wizard
  • Easy integration
  • Best Cost of Ownership:

    • Achieve highest yield
    • Increase of MTBA/MTBF
    • Decrease of MTTR

Cyberoptics Auto Vibration and Leveling Sensor
Cyberoptics Auto Vibration and Leveling Sensor
Cyberoptics provides Levelling / ALS2V - Teaching / ATS - Gapping / AGS and Vibration / AVS, sensors for wireless measurements as well as Wafer Mapper.

AVLS3 Auto Vibration and Leveling Sensor

  • Speed equipment qualification with wireless measurements
  • Shorten equipment maintenance cycles with thin and lightweight wafer-like form factor
  • Lower equipment maintenance expenses and enhance process uniformity with objective and reproducible data

Our htt Probecard Division is ISO 9001-2015 certified. We design and manufacture in Dresden. The product range includes Cantilever or Blade Type probe cards, single and multiple test, for cold and hot test temperature, special probe cards and our Mini Prober which tests small pieces of a wafer. In our Repair & Service Center we are able to repair nearly all kinds of probe cards.

Since 1992 the htt Dresden Probecards facility has been designing, developing & producing high sophisticated ‚made in Germany‘ Probecards. Our 17 probe card engineers build Cantilever - , Blade Type -, Kerf Microspring -, High Power - , Low and High Temperature -, Low Scrub -, Low Leakage / Ultra Low Leakage -, customized and special Probecards as well as Mini Probers – the smallest Prober of the world.

Additionally, in our European Probe Cards Repair – and Servicecenter in Dresden our team provides repairs of all kinds of standard and advanced Probe Cards as well as the advanced Probecards from MPI Taiwan.

Our own Probecard Production is ISO 9001: 2015 certified in order to increase efficiency & productivity and to meet the demands of today’s process quality.

MPI Thermal Air Temperature System
MPI Thermal Air Temperature System
MPI - Thermal - ThermalAir TA-5000A with glass cap

Flexible Temperature Testing & Thermal Cycling

The ThermalAir temperature products are a series of high capacity thermal air stream systems that are used for temperature testing, fast thermal cycling and device temperature characterization of components, hybrids, modules, PCBs, and other electronic and non-electronic assemblies at precise temperatures from -80°C to +225°C

System Performance

Airflow: High capacity 11,3 l/s (24 scfm) continuous airflow optimizes temperature transition rate and throughput.

Typical Temperature transition rate:
-55° to +125°C: approximately less than 10 seconds
+125° to -55°C: approximately 10 seconds

Temperature Control: Environment Air or External DUT sensing directly at the DUT case to ±1.0°C

Temperature control Sensor Ports: Type T or Type K thermocouple, and 100 ohm RTD

Temperature set, display and resolution: ±0.1°C

Temperature Accuracy: ± 1.0°C (calibrated system)

Remote interface ports: Four: IEEE-488, RS232C, SOT/EOT/SFF, And Ethernet, 4 USB-Type A, 1 USB-Type B, HDMI, LAN, PLUS Auto Start Test & End of Test for automatic temperature cycling Hot-Cold-Amb. All this makes for simple control and service ability.

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