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DevBoost GmbH

DevBoost GmbH

  • Software
  • Software / Hardware: Anwendungs-/ Individualsoftware
  • Systemintegration
  • individuelle Softwareentwicklung
  • Testautomatisierung
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Infrastrukturen

DevBoost offers customized software development and IT consulting. We create and deliver high quality customized solutions for a variety of industries including eCommerce, Logistics and Ressource Planning.

Furthermore, we are experts for cutting-edge software development tools as well as state-of-the art development processes. We provide individual analysis, consulting, coaching, development and testing services to leverage the efficiency of development processes and improve the quality of software products.

Our service portfolio includes coaching and consulting in the areas of:

* Test-Driven Development
* Continuous Integration
* Model-Driven Engineering
* Software Product-line Engineering
* Code Review
* Architecture Design
* Requirements Engineering
* Release Management
* Eclipse Development

The DevBoost product portfolio consists of the following development tools:

* NatSpec - Software Testing and Specification with Natural Language
* HEDL - Generating fully JPA-compliant JEE database layers
* EMFText - Efficiently building industrial-strength textual DSL editors
* FeatureMapper - Variability modeling and mapping for software product-lines
* JaMoPP - Automated analysis and modernization of Java applications

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