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AP&S International GmbH

AP&S International GmbH

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  • batch- and single wafer wet process equipment
  • parts cleaning equipment
  • eless plating

AP&S and Semi|Parts design and produce batch- and single wafer wet process equipment for surface treatment of substrates under cleanroom conditions for customers worldwide.

Based on our long-term experiences in the field of manufacturing technological equipment associated with our know-how in the wet process technology, we are able to offer standard equipment as well as customized solutions and refurbishment for various wet process tools.

For laboratories up to high volume production, AP&S and Semi|Parts offer a wide product range of manual, semi automated and fully automated solutions fitting your needs in the semiconductor-, MEMS- and micro-structuring industry.

Additional to our cleaning, etching, stripping, plating and lift-off solutions for flat/wafer-based substrates (silicon, gallium arsenide, germanium, sapphire etc.) we offer peripheric equipment for parts cleaning and chemical media distribution and management.

Single wafer equipment
Single wafer equipment
SpinStep Flex Line

The modular, versatile single wafer wet system SpinStep is designed for single wafer etching, cleaning, lift-off, coating and developing.

At our demo process laboratory in Donaueschingen we can run spin process demonstrations with wafers, masks or other substrates.

Automated wet bench
Automated wet bench
Wet bench

AP&S offers wet equipment platforms starting from basic manual wet benches on laboratory or R&D level up to fully-automatic high volume production and high-end technology tools.
Depending on the wet cleaning or wet etching application there are different standard features availble that can be covered in our modular wet bench platforms. Customization due to special application, wafer material or product design is our daily business.

Carrier and box cleaner
Carrier and box cleaner
CleanStep Carrier Box

Ideal cleaning and drying tool for carriers, transport boxes, open cassettes, pods or FOUPs using a combination of spray and spin process techniques.

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