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B.E.S.T. Fluidsysteme GmbH, Leipzig - Berlin

B.E.S.T. Fluidsysteme GmbH, Leipzig - Berlin

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Products and Services:

Swagelok Company is a $1 billion, privately-held company. We design, manufacture, and deliver an expanding range of the highest quality fluid system products and solutions. Through dedicated, market-focused business units and a responsive, capable supply chain, we drive responsive solutions and deliver value to customers worldwide. Our products and services are delivered locally through a unique network of over 200 authorized sales and service centers. Located in 54 countries on 6 continents, these authorized centers support customer needs every day. To meet customer needs in the ever-evolving semiconductor manufacturing industry, Swagelok provides next generation process enabling solutions for FEOL and BEOL applications that utilize processes such as ALD, CMP, wafer cleaning, copper deposition, cobalt deposition, CVD, PVD, LCD, and flat panel.
Utilizing its engineering and manufacturing expertise, the company has consistently developed engineered solutions and innovative ultrahigh-purity products, including ALD diaphragm valves and DRP series fluoropolymer valves in addition to benchmark-setting Swagelok® VCR® and Micro-Fit® fittings.
Swagelok offers a broad line of high-purity and ultrahigh-purity fluid system components for semiconductor applications, including diaphragm valves, fluoropolymer valves and tubing, PFA fittings, ceramic filters, UHP transducers, IGC® II modular gas systems, and vertical flow sensors.
Swagelok Semiconductor Service Company dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and supporting the semiconductor industry with an expanding range of high-purity and utility products used in the manufacture of semiconductors, computers, monitors, and other electronic devices.
Swagelok® Atomic Layer Deposition                   Swagelok® Integrated Gas Components
Diaphragm Valve ALDComponents

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