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Critical Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

Critical Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

  • Software
  • Automobilindustrie
  • Equipment
  • Elektronik
  • Erneuerbare Energien
  • Halbleiterindustrie
  • Medizintechnik / Pharma
  • Software / Hardware: Anwendungs-/ Individualsoftware
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (cmNavigo)
  • Integration (Equipment, ERP, 3rd party applications)
  • real time shop floor visualization and monitoring
  • Integrated Quality Management Solutions
  • Factory Automation

Critical Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH
Die Critical Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH wurde 2011 als eine Tochtergesellschaft der Critical Manufacturing S.A. gegründet.
Manufacturing ist Teil des Firmenverbundes Critical Group mit Sitz in
Portugal und fokussiert sich auf Softwarelösungen für High-Tech
Manufacturing, besonders in den Bereichen Semiconductor, Photovoltaik,
Flat Panel und Elektronikindustrie. Unser Ziel ist es, Premium
Lösungsanbieter für diese Branchen zu sein.
Critical Manufacturing our main competitive advantage is to be able to
deliver high-quality competitive products and services addressing our
customers’ needs, ensuring that their expectations are met or exceeded;
and that the delivered solutions realize the intended value for the
Critical Manufacturing offers three main products:

  • cmNavigo – a state of the art Manufacturing Execution System
  • cmConnect – an Equipment Integration Solution
  • cmFoundation – a framework for the development of enterprise applications

Critical Manufacturing’s Product Portfolio
From the strategy, management
approach, experience, knowledge, competences and technical skills, Critical
Manufacturing offers our customers:

  • Coverage
    of all manufacturing domains, from equipment integration to data
    analysis and business processes, by capitalizing on the know-how and
    experience drawn from over 10 years working in very demanding
    manufacturing environments.
  • Strong technical competence and state of the art technology, with the latest Microsoft and Open-Source technologies.
  • Extensive
    experience in managing and delivering products and services to some of
    the largest companies in the market, with high complexity, large number
    of requirements and high quality standards.
  • A flexible yet easy to maintain MES that conforms to the way customers do business now and in the future.
  • Presence in the most significant markets worldwide.

Critical Manufacturing comprises
over 70 people at its various sites with its headquarters and main technical
center in Maia, Portugal and with additional facilities in Dresden, Germany and
Suzhou, China and partners with system integrators in various regions.
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