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Five new members join the Board of Silicon Saxony e. V.

Five new members join the Board of Silicon Saxony e. V.
Five new members join the Board of Silicon Saxony e. V.

Today, Heinz Martin Esser, president of Silicon Saxony e. V., officially announced the appointment of the new members of the Board at the 1st Members' Forum in 2017.

The assigned candidates are:

  • Sabine Nitzsche, Senior Finance & Site Controller, Globalfoundries Dresden
  • Bettina Voßberg , Chairman of the Board of the HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.
  • Dr. Robert Franke, Director of the Office for Economic Development of the State Capital Dresden
  • Dr. Tobias Nestler, Chief Operating Officer, DevBoost GmbH
  • Dr. Michael Arnold, Managing Director of PEER Group GmbH

With the appointment of the five new members of the Board, the Board of the industry association pursues several objectives. An important goal is to serve the growing range of tasks as well as the ever-increasing cooperation with partners from research institutions, other networks and public administration. This can only be achieved by attracting professional and highly motivated experts to share their knowledge and get involved in the work of the Board. In addition to enhancing its professional position, the Silicon Saxony Executive Board also intends to rejuvenate the industry association’s top management and to initiate a responsible generation change.

New members with special focus

"As an expert in regional economic development, Dr. Robert Franke stands for cross-clustering and initiating new cross-industry projects. With him, we are even better matching our member companies with companies from other industries in the region and beyond, "says Esser. Dr. Robert Franke would like to thank the Management Board for the confidence placed in him. "I am looking forward to actively participating in the Silicon Saxony decision-making processes. From my point of view, the challenges of digital transformation with the central topics IoT, connected autonomous driving and Industry 4.0 are enormous opportunities for the region. We have the key technologies and competencies to play at the front. I want to contribute as an efficient partner in the administration, also with my many years of experience both on the industrial side and in branch networks. Together, we can help shape the future of Saxony, "says Franke.

Bettina Voßberg sharpens the profile of the industry association in the area of cooperation with high-tech start-ups and established medium-sized companies. "In addition, Ms. Voßberg has a long-term industry experience for the development of business models in the digital and ICT sector. This experience, coupled with her excellent contacts to investors, is extremely important for the development of new business models, "emphasizes Esser.

In the future, Globalfoundries is also putting strong emphasis on the collaboration with Silicon Saxony. The financial director of the Globalfoundries plant in Dresden Sabine Nitzsche will be able to drive the subject of "Internet of Things", which is an important signal of Europe's largest and most modern chip plant towards medium-sized businesses, especially with a view to the planned "Smart Systems Hub" . "I am very pleased with this appointment as a member of the Executive Board and the joint work for the further positive development of Silicon Saxony. I would like to use the backwind for the high-tech industry, which we receive from Saxony, Germany and the EU, for an even better networking of global players, innovative SMEs and founders as well as research and education. This will enable us to jointly shape areas such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, "says Sabine Nitzsche.

With Dr. Tobias Nestler and Dr. Michael Arnold , two entrepreneurs strengthen the Executive Board in the areas of software and automation, two key topics of the network. The appointment of Dr. Tobias Nestler, a member of DevBoost's management, is, above all, the expression of the continuously growing software community in Saxony. PEER Group Managing Director Dr. Michael Arnold, as a representative of the medium-sized companies, wants to promote national and international networking with other industry associations, networks and expert committees in order to explore and accelerate options for joint projects beyond the borders of Saxony.

For further information please contact:

WeichertMehner (agency), Ulf Mehner, phone: 0351 50 14 02 00

Silicon Saxony e. V. is the largest industrial association for micro- and nanoelectronics, software, smart systems and applications in Europe. The association was founded in December 2000 as a network of the semiconductor, electronics and microsystems industry. It connects manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, universities, research institutes and public institutions in Saxony. The 320 member companies, which generate sales of more than 4.5 billion euros per year, currently employ around 20,000 people.