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Intelligently networked: Novel solutions for the digital change

Silicon Saxony was awarded one of the 100 selected locations in the ´Land of Ideas` 2016
Silicon Saxony was awarded one of the 100 selected locations in the ´Land of Ideas` 2016
Saxony`s Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Dulig presents the digitalization strategy „Sachsen Digital“
Saxony`s Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Dulig presents the digitalization strategy „Sachsen Digital“

  • 11th Silicon Saxony Day under the motto “Mastering the Digital Change”
  • Experts from industry, economy and politics discuss current trends in the industry
  • In the focus: Factory automation, Internet of Things and smart medical engineering

Dresden, 22 June 2016. Technological and industrial trends are in the focus on the 11th Silicon Saxony Day in Dresden today: Under the motto “Mastering the Digital Change“, experts from economy and science are getting together to discuss challenges and chances of the progressing digitalization in factories, logistics processes and medical applications across disciplines and independently of organizational boundaries. The core focus of the one-day high-tech congress is on the issue of the proper way of dealing with the change that the progressing digitalization brings along for all industrial sectors and areas of life. This is in particular in light of the high-tech issues of the participating industrial players from the fields of research, Equipment and chip manufacturing as well as process and software development.


Saxony as a digital economic region

Saxony’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Dulig, welcomes the participants and presents the digitalization strategy of the Free State of Saxony “Sachsen Digital”: As he emphasizes: “By the digital change, we are striving for advancing Saxony into a technologically, economically and culturally leading European region. A successful digitalization is decisive for the future Saxon competitiveness, for the prosperity and the quality of life of its citizens. We have lost the first half to the Americans and Asians since the leading technology companies as well as software giants are not based in Europe. Now, we go into the second half. We need to be present when the Internet of Thing, Industry 4.0, Mobility 4.0, and Mobile Communications Network of the Future (5G) are implemented. Even more than that, we have to defend our lead and must not be left behind. For this to be possible, we require an appropriate infrastructure, which is broadband. To fruitfully master the challenges the digital change poses, the Saxon State Government will have an active part in shaping the framework for the digitalization. At the beginning of this year, we have therefore adopted the digitalization strategy. ‘Sachsen Digital’. The Silicon Saxony Day represents a perfect forum for an exchange of the many players from economy and science that represent the high-tech site Saxony. They significantly contribute to a digital Saxony.”


Most crucial network meeting of the Saxon high technology

As Heinz Martin Esser, chairman of Silicon Saxony e.V points out: “We are very pleased to welcome researchers, entrepreneurs, politicians as well as representatives of regional administrative offices to the Silicon Saxony Day for the 11th time already. This makes us the most crucial network meeting of the Saxon high technology.” This year, the advancement of the digitalization will be in the focus of the debates. As Heinz Martin Esser goes on: “With their know-how in key technologies such as microelectronics, materials and software, the Saxon masterminds and enterprises are among the most essential drivers of the digital change. This very change does not only impact the high-tech sectors. It also poses a challenge for conventional industries as automotive and plant engineering. We would like to highlight that digitalization also means outstanding opportunities for well-established industries. We just have to know how to make use of them and this is preferably together. Silicon Saxony stands for joint ideas and successes. “For our solutions with regard to the topic ‘NachbarschafftInnovation – Gemeinschaft als Erfolgsmodell’, our network was awarded one of the 100 selected locations in the ‘Land of Ideas‘ 2016. This award will be presented within the course of today’s plenary session.


Future issues in the focus on the Silicon Saxony Day: Intelligent factory automation, Internet of Things and networked medical engineering

In exciting discussion rounds, the Silicon Saxony Day is dedicated to pivotal issues of modern life. Hearing the term “Industry 4.0“ brings to mind automated production lines and robots assembling cars. Yet, it is way more than that. It is about intelligently networked factories with self-regulating, automated production processes. This all is based on chips and sensors that e.g. register what exact position in the factory a work piece is at a certain point in time, where a robot is working and what way a certain transport container is just taking. This is for the fact that safety comes first in the automated Smart Fab as well.

Safety and wellbeing represent two major aspects in medical engineering too. Here too, ICTs support in establishing new treatments, improving the patient and health care as well as making all this more efficient. Simply by means of smartphones, medical doctors may monitor vital data of high risk and diabetes patients. Surgical techniques are getting even more precise thanks to robotic assistance. State-of-the-art medical devices allow for an prompt and reliable diagnosis.

The “Internet of Things” is another thematic priority. According to Silicon Saxony chairman Prof. Dr. Frank Schönefeld: “Given the background of the Silicon Saxony particular strengths in the fields of sensor technology, software technology, Big Data, Tactile Internet, High Performance Computing (HPC) as well as the collaborative Fog Computing, we also use this industry meeting to discuss approaches by the Saxon high technology to master the challenges posed on us by the Internet of Things.

In the afternoon, the plenary session following the topic-related debates will conclude in a highly interesting panel discussion. Top-class representatives from industry and research will introduce the progress of the Saxon ECSEL projects and debate new potentials for funding policies for the Saxon economy.


Innovation meets experience – founders in the focus

Start-ups and founders with future-oriented ideas mean the backbone of any prospering high-tech site. They continue to provide new impulses. Moreover, given their innovative power, they not only strengthen the economic region Saxony but guarantee the international competitiveness of the region. For that very reason, the start-up activities in the region are given major interest on the Silicon Saxony Day. In the “Matching Area“, the Silicon Saxony work group Start-up, together with its partners Sherpa. Dresden, futureSAX, and Gründernest, provides young founders and start-ups the opportunity to introduce themselves to the participants at the high-tech meeting.

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Images: Deutschland – Land der Ideen / Willem gr. Darrelmann