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High tech location Silicon Saxony relies on "The Internet of Things"

The Silicon Saxony Day brings together experts from economy and science to exchange experience with regard to latest trends in technologies and industries.
The Silicon Saxony Day brings together experts from economy and science to exchange experience with regard to latest trends in technologies and industries.

Today, the 10th Silicon Saxony Day in Dresden brings together experts from economy and science across subjects titled "Intelligent.Digital.Connected" to exchange experience with regard to latest trends in technologies and industries. The focus is on "The Internet of Things", which has a deep impact on the industries through cross linking and automation and thus, provides novel economic impulses. There, the one-day high tech convention is dedicated to specific issues of the industrial players from the fields of research, equipment and chip manufacture as well as process and software development.

Silicon Saxony Day as most crucial networking event of the Saxon technology sector
According to the chair of Silicon Saxony e. V. Heinz Martin Esser: "As in the previous years, the Silicon Saxony Day is the networking event of the high tech sector in Saxony, where researchers, entrepreneurs, politicians, reps from regional administrative authorities and us, as the trade association, get to exchange experience. It is here in Silicon Saxony that the basis is established for Saxony to become a cross-linked digitalized economic region." As Esser continues: ""The Internet of Things" advances these technological innovations, paves the way for the cross-linked, fully-automated industrial production and hence, triggers new growth and further employment in the region."

Hot topics at Silicon Saxony Day: Smart Fab, medical engineering, energy storage systems and Smart City
Increasingly, the "Internet of Things and Services" and the merging of real and digital world forms the basis for technological progress. Smart, cross-linked factory control systems, Smart City, solutions for energy storage systems and medical engineering cannot manage without micro and nanoelectronics. An enormous number of sensors and chips enable industrial processes to get efficiently automated up to their entire self regulation, detect traffic flows and optimize them. In the health sector too, microelectronics plays a vital role: With the appropriate hard and software only, bio and vital data can e.g. be transferred from patients' smartphones to doctors. The chances and potentials power electronics offers (which is microelectronics bearing high and strong voltage) for a turnaround in energy policy forms another focus of the Silicon Saxony Day.

Frame conditions decisive for founders in economic development
It is the high tech start ups in particular that trigger innovations in Silicon Saxony and that are thus advancing the positive economic development in the Dresden and Saxon region. Foundation activities in the region are hence a focus on the Silicon Saxony Day. This day, start up companies will introduce their smart technologies and solutions meeting the challenges of a digital future, among them MONKEY WORKS GmbH, MechLab Engineering and BASELABS.

High potential of Saxon high tech foundation activities – yet some obstacles
Titled "Founding, Financing, Prospering.  How capable is Saxony's start up ecosystem?" the Saxon transfer and innovation ecosystem will be the central point in the panel discussion. As Bettina Voßberg, chair of the start up network Hightech Startbahn states: "The founding region Saxony in general and Dresden in particular will have to cope with some challenges yet. Our outstanding research environment in the MINT field is up against a strong and not yet evolved potential of successful start ups and spin offs. Most of all, a systematic support of high tech foundations in their post-formation stage is missing. This concerns their operative support when they are establishing as well as the availability of private venture capital by Business Angels and investment companies." As Voßberg elaborates: "Other locations in Germany too show these factors to be pivotal for a going transfer ecosystem and thus for the systematic setup of prolific technology ventures."

Photo: Silicon Saxony e. V.