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Silicon Saxony awarded GOLD for excellent cluster management

Silicon Saxony awarded GOLD for excellent cluster management
Silicon Saxony awarded GOLD for excellent cluster management

Five star award for Silicon Saxony: the high-tech trade association is awarded GOLD for excellent cluster management by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). Thus, Silicon Saxony ranks among the first three European clusters bestowed the independent quality certificate. This initiative was called into life by the European Commission.

As Gitta Haupold, head of Silicon Saxony e.V. emphasizes: "A powerful regional as well as cross-border network plus a professional network management form the focus of our work. This is what lays the basis for the viability of the location." As she continues: "This award by the ECEI affirms our engagement here and means motivation for us to expand our capabilities resulting from such cooperation of companies, universities and research institutes. This is the only way to intensify our innovative power at our business location."

Since 2009 the ECEI has implemented extensive advisory service for European clusters, initiated by the European Commission. Improved network management within the cluster is of top priority there. 14 project partners from nine countries have compiled quality indicators to evaluate cluster management. These efforts were targeted at the establishment of an internationally acknowledged quality certification.

Aside from Silicon Saxony two further networks were able to convince with a total of 31 indicators to receive the certification: NCE NODE (Norwegian Offshore Drilling Engineering), a Norwegian cluster of the oil and gas industry as well as FEMAC.CAT (The Cluster of Agricultural Machinery) from Spain focusing on agricultural engineering.

As Gitta Haupold sums up: "This gold medal means another pro argument for us as representatives of the Saxon ICT industry to internationally advance the high-tech location in the triangle Dresden-Freiberg-Chemnitz."