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SPEKTRA Schwingungstechnik und Akustik GmbH Dresden

SPEKTRA Schwingungstechnik und Akustik GmbH Dresden

Business Segments:
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Computers
  • Aerospace
  • Rail / Automotive
  • Equipment
Core Competences:
  • Supplier: Equipment

Long-term cooperation
and fair marketing

There are three fields of work in which the SPEKTRA staff have jointly acquired, utilized and multiplied their knowledge and skills: Products, Services and Engineering. This makes it possible to convert experiences made in the company's services sector into new products, and so gain a leading position in the market, which is of benefit to both our customers and us.

The same applies to special customer requirements for products or engineering tasks. Thus, our own range of products and services also benefit from the solutions developed on customer projects.

Last, but not least, the quality system of our enterprise is permanently updated and adapted to the latest demands by continuously expanding the range of accreditation and repeated audits.

This is the only way for our innovative team of experts and enthusiastic engineers, technicians and scientists to arrive at solutions that are in line with the latest market requirements and achieve worldwide success.

We consider the fast pace of technical development and the ever growing complexity of customer demands to be a challenge. It is our customer and the solution to his problems that is at the center of all of our activities. We regard the cooperation with our customers as a partnership for jointly obtaining results that have not been available before.

Outstanding international performance
not by accident

It is the experience of the SPEKTRA staff in the development, manufacture and sale of electronic measuring instrumentation, on the one hand, and utilization of these techniques in providing special services for metrological and industrial applications, on the other, that have made it possible for SPEKTRA to gain a top position internationally in an interesting, fast growing market.

The high quality of our products and services and our in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies make SPEKTRA a first-class partner in the development of measuring and testing systems and calibration equipment for sensor systems.

Solutions to conflicting objectives such as high precision in metrology and high throughput in mass production are not regarded as inconsistent with each other; they are just different optimization targets.

has a history

SPEKTRA Schwingungstechnik und Akustik GmbH Dresden, Germany was launched in 1994 by employees of the former state-owned company VEB Robotron Messelektronik Dresden, Department of sound, vibration and force measurement. Up to 1989, this company was one of the leading manufacturers of measurement instrumentation for sound and vibration engineering worldwide.

Based on decades of experience in the field of "electrical measurement of mechanical quantities", SPEKTRA has developed into a stable, mid-sized enterprise in the field of sound and vibration engineering.

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