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Entegris GmbH

Entegris GmbH

Business Segments:
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Equipment
Core Competences:
  • Supplier: Materials
  • Wafer Carriers and Shippers
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Premium Graphite and Silicon Carbide
  • Advanced deposition materials
  • Plating and CMP components
  • Liquid filters and purifiers
  • Gas filters/ diffusers/ purifiers
  • Aiborne molecular contamination control
  • Fluid handling components
  • Sensing and control
  • Liquid packaging
  • SDS and VAC delivered gases

Entegris Inc.

Entegris is a global leader in materials integrity management – purifying, protecting and transporting critical materials used in the semiconductor and other high technology industries. The Company has a broad portfolio of solutions in wafer handling, gas and liquid microcontamination control, liquid systems and finished electronics packaging to assure the integrity of materials throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process, from raw silicon wafer manufacturing to packaging of completed integrated circuits.

Customers throughout the semiconductor, data storage, flat panel display and fuel cell industries rely upon Entegris to precisely control microcontamination and reliably handle substrates.

Company Profile

  • Entegris founded in 1966 as Fluoroware; merged with Mykrolis in 2005
  • Global infrastructure with manufacturing, service center and research facilities across the world: United States, France, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Japan
  • 2,700 employees worldwide -- 800 are based in Asia and Japan
  • A world leader in materials integrity management
  • Four strategic business units are:
    • Microenvironments – wafer carriers and shippers
    • Liquid microcontamination – filters and purifiers for liquid chemistries
    • Liquid systems – components, systems, and containers for handling and delivering liquid chemistries
    • Gas microcontamination – systems and products for purifying process gases and ambient environments
    • The company also operates a smaller incubator business in the fuel cell/energy field)

  • Primary industries served: Semiconductor (75% of sales), and other related industries (25% of sales) including data storage, flat panel display and fuel cells. Primary product lines sold into these industries are used in key semiconductor process including, wafer handling, photolithography; wet, etch & clean; and chemical mechanical planarization.
  • Last twelve month sales: approximately $650 million on a pro forma basis for continuing operations
  • Sales by global region: North America (28%), Europe (16%), Japan (23%), Asia (33%)

Company Headquarters: Chaska (Minneapolis), Minnesota/USA

Stock Listing: ENTG on the Nasdaq

Web Address:

Company Mission:

Entegris is the global leader in materials integrity management. Its mission is to purify, protect and transport critical materials used in high technology products, processes and services. The Entegris brand will reflect the value Entegris provides to its key stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees and communities in which we live.

Company Values:

  • Trust, Integrity and Accountability
  • People and Teamwork
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Dedicated to Excellence

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