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DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

Business Segments:
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Environmental Technoloy
  • Equipment
Core Competences:
  • Supplier: Equipment
  • Waste Gas Abatement
  • biological wastewater treatment

DAS Management: l->r: Dr. Guy Davies, Dr. Horst Reichardt, René Reichardt, Tobias Baetke
DAS Management: l->r: Dr. Guy Davies, Dr. Horst Reichardt, René Reichardt, Tobias Baetke
The Company
Clean Air - Clean Water - Clean Technology!
DAS Environmental Expert GmbH headquartered in Dresden, is an environmental technology enterprise with focus on the developing and manufacturing of innovative and scalable Point of Use (POU) waste gas abatement technologies and biological wastewater treatment solutions serving main technology industries like semiconductor, solar and TFT as well as municipalities. Founded in 1991, DAS Environmental Expert operates worldwide, currently has 246 employees in 9 offices. Since more than 4,750 treatment systems were installed, that can be maintained by our service solutions 24/7.

SALIX - waste gas scrubber for wet bench applications
SALIX - waste gas scrubber for wet bench applications
Business Unit Waste Gas Abatement
Area of application: Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, TFT, LED Industry
Many industrial and research production procedures use process gases and generate waste gases. These waste gases are toxic and/or highly flammable and very often pose a significant risk to production facilities and the environment. The semiconductor industry, for instance, uses perfluorocarbons, whose global warming potential is extremely high. Combining and transporting different gases into a fab’s central waste gas system might produce highly flammable and highly explosive gaseous mixtures, which in the past has occasionally caused the total loss of entire production facilities. Particles contained within gases may also cause exhaust blockages. DAS waste gas abatement systems eliminate these risks at the “Point of Use” (POU), where harmful exhausts are abated immediately. DAS technology is based on a flexible, integrated product concept, which combines process gas supply, process equipment and process waste gas abatement in one single system. The smallest equipment fits into a closet of less than a 1 square meter footprint. DAS technology is fully automated and sensor-controlled and meets the highest safety standards.
DAS equipment can, depending on customer requirements, treat waste gases from practically all production steps in the chip industry, safely and in an environmentally compatible way. DAS equipment can be used for virtually all modern coating and etching equipment. Their efficiency reaches more than 99 % with most gases and thus exceeds the standards set forth by the TA-Luft (according to German Clean Air Regulations).
Also wet bench processes can be treated with a DAS system, most recently. SALIX is the new two-stage scrubber cleans up to 3,600 m3 of exhaust gas per hour.
In the field of waste gas treatment, DAS currently holds 9 registered patent families and additional usage rights for important technologies and technological solutions.

TFR technology - biological wastewater treatment
TFR technology - biological wastewater treatment
Business Unit Wastewater Treatment
Area of Application: Food and Beverage Industry, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and Wastewaters from Agriculture and Municipality
Many processes in chemical, pharmaceutical or food production, for instance, require the pre-treatment of organically contaminated wastewaters prior to discharging them into the environment or public sewage systems. This not only prevents environmental damage, but also reduces the company’s sewage charges.
DAS Environmental Expert GmbH offers biological wastewater treatment systems that keep cost and effort to a minimum. The TFR bioreactors are based on the DAS trickle-flow principle. The wastewater trickles down through a very light, small-grain carrier material covered with a highly active mixed population of bacteria. The microorganisms degrade the pollutants into clean water and clean air. Unlike commonly implemented wastewater systems and international prior art, the TFR bioreactor’s carrier material bed is not located within a closed body of water and thus can be easily supplied with sufficient amounts of oxygen.
This working principle ensures unimpeded contact and short substance transitions between the microorganisms, the wastewater pollutants and the oxygen. In combination with the highly active mixed population of bacteria that is optimally adapted to their respective conditions, the TFR bioreactor offers highly stable degradation capacities even at fluctuating wastewater compositions and concentrations.
This offers immense advantages to its users: Low operating and investment costs, small equipment volume and low maintenance efforts.
The fully automated systems are installed in single modular components made from polyethylene and individually dimensioned according to pre-existing treatment systems and respective conditions. The modular principle provides each customer with the optimum system size.
Since first introducing wastewater treatment solutions, DAS has relied on the principle of the trickle-flow technology that is successfully operating in Europe, South America and South East Asia.
  • The TFR bioreactor can be applied:
  • To pre-treat wastewaters (entire or partial wastewater streams prior to discharge into own or municipal wastewater treatment plant)
  • For complete treatment of wastewaters (prior to discharge into rivers and water bodies)
  • Treatment for water reuse and water recycling

DAS Environmental Expert also provides turnkey solutions for individual treatment stages, for complete sewage plants and for the wastewater treatment of whole fabs. The company provides all steps of the process, from planning and concept development, to tailor-made adjustments to meet individual needs and specifications, down to the equipment’s installation and commissioning. After complete commissioning, the company provides comprehensive service from general maintenance to a complete operating agreement.

DASMON - DAS Monitoring System
DASMON - DAS Monitoring System
DAS service teams for system maintenance are ready and available 24/7 to ensure complete services every day, around the clock and at all fab sites. The service teams consist of DAS employees either stationed at DAS branches or who, for large-scale fab’s like Infineon, Dresden, maintain a service base directly at the client location. At times DAS trained employees of the partner or client companies may also fulfill the service. Appropriate software tools and service network connections allow the remote supervision of DAS systems.
The new DASMON is a monitoring system for point-of-use waste gas abatement systems and is able to monitor system installations of up to 200 systems per server. It is easily expandable by adding more servers. In addition to DAS systems, other systems can be monitored by DASMON.
If waste gas abatement systems are installed in double digits and are far away from each other, DASMON is recommended to monitor the abatement processes to reduce the Cost of Ownership.

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