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Business Segments:
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Medical Technology / Pharma
  • Computers
  • Environmental Technoloy
  • Equipment
  • Electronic
  • Photovoltaics
Core Competences:
  • Supplier: Materials
  • Ventile für flüssige und gasförmige Chemikalien
  • Ventile für Vakuum
  • Membran pumps
  • Komponenten für die Li-Ionen-Zellen-Fertigung
  • Ventile für ALD
  • Komponenten für die Halbleiterfertigung

We supporting your success
We supporting your success
BIBUS GmbH is a subsidiary of the Swiss BIBUS AG Group.
As a technical trading and service company, we distribute innovative, partly
unique products and solutions. Our speciality here is PNEUMATICS, MECHATRONICS, ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY and corresponding SPECIAL SOLUTIONS.
Our BIBUS team knows new ways, knows markets and their requirements as well as the appropriate providers and their strengths.
We find solutions, develop, manufacture and assemble new products especially for our Customers: from the smallest component to the complete assembly
This is how we realize ideas, open niches and make processes more economical.
Where standard is not enough, we are the right partner.
We always strive to provide our customers with long-term and sustainable competitive Advantages and therefore live our slogan "SUPPORTING YOUR SUCCESS".
The basis for this are our human and professional competent employees and partners.
We intend to be an important player in our core business areas and offer our
customers state-of-the-art products and services.
We concentrate on:

  • Long-term availability of our products
  • Sustainable growth based on reasonable profit
  • Solid financial basis
  • Long-term customer and supplier relationships
  • Professional and human competence of our partners and employees
  • Readiness for continuous change

Solutions for your processes
Solutions for your processes

The total supplier for the semiconductor industry
Valves for liquid and gaseous chemicals and vacuum

  • top-level reliability
  • consistent quality
  • highest purity
  • easy use
  • exacting accuracy

Designed to impress with performance
Designed to impress with performance

Barrel pumps, powder pumps, ATEX + FDA conform, pulsation dampeners

  • Pumping of various media, also with high solids content
  • Self-priming
  • Dry run capability
  • Variable delivery rate and pressure
  • Without rotors, gears and pistons

Pipe connection system
Pipe connection system

Pressing instead of welding

  • A purely metallic pipe connection system
  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Mobile
  • Sure
  • No fire safety officer required for acceptance

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